A Business Podcast for Artists.

Making Art With A Purpose

Strengthening and sustaining artists

The Artist Maker explores the business side of art by interviewing professional artists to discover how they develop and operate their enterprises. Each guest shares the strategies they have learned through success, and sometimes failure, in making art their business.

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The organizations that make the artist maker happen

Meet Our Producers

Burkholder Agency

Looking for help to sell your art? Burkholder Agency works with artists to build their business. We help with the stuff outside the studio so you can do more in the studio. Visit our website to learn how you can get more of what you want everyday.

All Ears Studios

All Ears Studio co-creates narrative podcasts for organizations telling stories that aim to impact the world for good. From imagining concepts to delivering high-quality productions, All Ears listens to our clients and audience to provide a smooth and engaging experience.

Loud Communications

Loud Communications specializes in storytelling for non-profits using video production. Our focus is to bring the right resources together to create high-quality productions at affordable prices.

Urban Ignite

Urban Ignite provides internet marketing services to artists and businesses throughout Baltimore such as web design, content creation, and social media marketing. Visit their website to learn more.

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